Monday, April 3, 2017

THE SPACE BETWEEN US (spoilers alert)

I watched this online yesterday. I am a fan of Gary Oldman. Therefore, he can "carry" any movie. Plot was pretty simple: A boy was born in MARS. Mom died of child birth. He was raised by a bunch of scientists on MARS. He went back to earth to find his father.
While watching, I could predict a few things. I knew from the very beginning who the father was. I was like, "You cheeky b%sta54!"
Anyway, we are only human and our mistake, even MARS can't sweep it under the rugs.
It was quite funny when the MARS boy ate MARS bar. I chuckled a little.
As a science fiction fan, there were tons of questions came to mind but what the heck it is scifi. Screw all the dangerous environmental concern etcetera.
In general, I enjoyed this movie. Kind of that feel good love story. I am however, more moved about family stuffs going on there. Light entertainment Sunday kind of movie and I am glad I watched it.


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