Monday, April 3, 2017

THE SPACE BETWEEN US (spoilers alert)

I watched this online yesterday. I am a fan of Gary Oldman. Therefore, he can "carry" any movie. Plot was pretty simple: A boy was born in MARS. Mom died of child birth. He was raised by a bunch of scientists on MARS. He went back to earth to find his father.
While watching, I could predict a few things. I knew from the very beginning who the father was. I was like, "You cheeky b%sta54!"
Anyway, we are only human and our mistake, even MARS can't sweep it under the rugs.
It was quite funny when the MARS boy ate MARS bar. I chuckled a little.
As a science fiction fan, there were tons of questions came to mind but what the heck it is scifi. Screw all the dangerous environmental concern etcetera.
In general, I enjoyed this movie. Kind of that feel good love story. I am however, more moved about family stuffs going on there. Light entertainment Sunday kind of movie and I am glad I watched it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Work hard! or Study hard. I heard this phrase since I was in Primary School. That was a looooong time ago. Then came that word "Work Smart". And I thought, "Yeah! lets work smart." Little that I know that was as bullshit as it gets. Only 10% of the world population work smart (oh this is unsupported, I just plugged the figure from the sky to show how smart I am, right). Face it, I am in that General Population. I am in that 90%. I have to strive, struggle, put extra effort, cringe, sour duck face and many more agonizing process to get something, to make money, to support myself. Yes, I am NOT a superstar.
The point is, I can do Work Smart thingy but somehow it did not succeed as I thought it might. Or, plan and simple fact I am not that smart after all.  Please laugh at this. Don't feel bad for me because it is a fact and what I had gone through. I don't feel sorry for myself. In fact, I am glad I come to term with these findings. This make me want to strive more. To learn more so that I will be smart-er someday to the point that I just push a button and things happen, cherching!
So fellas, if you are in that 90%, work hard, don't be a smartass.

Monday, February 20, 2017

PASSENGERS (Spoilers Alert)

I watched "Arrival" before I watched this movie. If I would have watched Passengers first, I might like it more. Too bad. It supposed to be a love story but I feel there is no chemistry between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The plot is plausible and interesting but I feel some things are missing...oh yes...once again...its the lack of chemistry. 
Good actors sometimes do not guarantee amazing films but Fishburne got me hopeful and then the hope was deflated when I found out that his appearance was short lived. There goes my Matrix moment.
Same goes to Andy Garcia. You caught a glimpse of him only at the very last scene. Bummer. It could have been a riot.
If you still want to watch it, go ahead. Sci-fi fans can never say no to sci-fi movies. Just get ready on how much of your brain cells this movie will burn.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I read a few raving reviews of this movie. So I had to watch it for myself. Please, before you read any further, I must emphasize that I am a Sci-Fi fan. This is because, when I am down, I watch a good Sci-Fi, then the world all of a sudden becomes better again. This movie did just that.
Well, I must admit the few scenes had me thinking,"Urghh, not another slow build up sci-fi like Interstellar (FYI: I love this movie and I watched it over and over again)". Yes, it was kind of slow build up, but I was more than willing to participate.

This movie is gorgeously filmed. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner surely have great chemistry. Amy's expression in this movie has put her in my sci-fi A list.
I am not going to add any spoilers in this blog. If you want to read the plot, you can go to Wikipedia - Arrival. I am merely recommending this movie to those who appreciate sci-fi and time line continuum.
From this movie, one quote will always stay in my head: "War doesn't make winners, only widows."

Please watch this movie.

I so love it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


This year, Chinese New Year is the year of a rooster. I am not sure what it means but hey I am grateful for the long weekend we Malaysians enjoy (28/1/2017 - 30/1/2017). The plan was to have a family get together at my folks all the way in Segamat.
Due to my knee injury, I was moving quite slowly these days. I took off from my house in Subang at around 11:00am. My sister went off earlier.
I passed through Tangkak to get to Segamat.
The journey was supposed to take approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Traffic was pretty bad, so it took me around 4 hours. 
A bit cloudy but no heavy rain. Should be a smooth journey. Boy was I wrong.
Finally, I reached at my folks. My youngest brother and his family arrived a day earlier than us. I had a late lunch. Ikan Patin masak lemak! Ikan pekasam goring! Sambal Hijau! Oh my! Super awesome! Mom's cooking alway's the best!

For dinner, we had some BBQ lamb, Chicken and with MY special sauce.
Flaming Grilled Lamb. Family BBQ makes perfect gathering.
My brother got the meat from the local store. They were fresh and succulent. Amazing for BBQ.
A view from the verandah we love to sit and absorb the beauty and fresh air of village life.
Most of us were pretty exhausted. I fell asleep quite early.  The next day I woke up at 6:00am. The fresh air of my Kampung was undeniably awesome. I felt like I was being reborn. City life feels like killing you. Kampung life here I come. I let the pictures paint a million words. I can almost see you smile reading this blog eh!
Imagine waking up to fresh air and birdies chirping

Our resident cat, Mr. Billy. A 7 year old handsome rescued cat from Taman Puncak Jalil.

A simple breakfast but the view was fantastic and surrounded by love. Yes, it made a whole of difference.
My mom and dad are quite the green thumb duo. They can just throw anything on the ground and grow. I can't even do gardening. City life broke me ha ha.
This is limau purut. Don't ask me what it is called in English. Just google it!


Pink Custard Apple - Buah Nona

Daun Pandan!

Young papaya tree

Lethal Cili Padi. You can die from eating this. Well, almost *winks*

Daun Sireh

Don't forget to drop us a snail mail or two

Grandma's Body Guard. Her name is Chomel.
We went to our Grandma's to check on how she is doing. She was not so well but happy to see us.
Then we moved to hunt for food. Well that's just the way we are. We love to eat. We discovered this new restaurant in town Selera Nasi Beringin, Segamat. The restaurant was filled with blast from the past. However, The nasi beringin was super delicious. My dad ordered two servings of nasi tambah.

I had a great time with my family. Unfortunately, I still have to go back to the City to work my derriere off to pay them damn bills. Oh, my journey back to KL was even worst. 5 hours. Long crawl Pedas-Linggi up to Seremban. Somehow I made it without going too crazy.
Happy Chinese New Year People.
I really hope for a better 2017
That is all folks

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Painful isn't it?
I fell as I was going to visit a friend who was admitted in Prince Court Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur.
It looked like I was the one who needed the medical attention.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Oh, HAPPY 2017 EVERYONE! I almost forgot my own freaking resolution to write about me, myself and I more. Well, here we go;
It started out on my birthday Dec 6th 2016. A great friend decided to throw me a birthday dinner (Pretty Cool Eh). She organized and 9 people turned up. That was awesome! Anyway, that birthday dinner was the turning point for all of us to really look for positives in lives. So, since we know that it may be a long while that we would be able to sit together at the same table again, we decided to plan some small get away, just for the weekend. We picked January 7th & 8th, 2017. That morning I managed to do some housekeeping and some laundry (The usual shenanigan). My sister came over to pick me up and yes happy happy joy joy I did not have to drive!

We followed the great Sungai Besi Highway just because we had to make that Starbucks pit stop. Awesome start already!

We arrived at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson around 3:30pm. Some of us were already there, some were still on their way.
After checking in, my sister and I had a little stroll around the area. We were at the Marina area so no beach there. There were quite a number of people but not as many as during festive seasons and school holidays. To me its breathable situation. Our rooms were upgraded since we took 6 rooms in total.
The view from our room.

The weather was all nice. I can't swim. What a waste.
So just strolling around like an imbecile but with happier mood.
I sat under the coconut tree. I hope nothing fell off from up there.

Well motivated to sing my heart out!
Later in the evening, we had some awesome seafood dinner at Embok Village by the beach. 13 of us. Real loud bunch. Everyone wanted to talk. The breeze from the sea was super amazing. We ate and talk and ate and talk until we passed 9:00pm. It was time to test our vocal chord. Karaoke Time! Yahoo!
We went to Bintang Family Karaoke
We sang until 2am.
My throat were sore but it was all worth it.

The next day we had breakfast and checked out. Though it felt like there were simply not enough time, we were happy and we were glad that at 48 years old, we were able to see each other again and college time seemed like yesterday.
Thank you my friends. Thank you my sister

Saturday, December 31, 2016


2016 has been a weird year for me. Just like everybody else good and bad things still happened. Just like everybody else, the highlight was about so many celebrities had passed in a span of 1 year. I must admit that it has dampened my spirit in so many levels. Personally, there are way too many things left unsettled. I procrastinate a lot in 2016. I was too much into my own world that I forgot to communicate with reality. I watched way too much science fictions/Fantasy that at times I felt like I was in Sci-fi movie or series at work or personal time . Sounds abnormal isn't it?

I am not going to bother having resolutions for 2017. 2016 resolutions all gone down the drain. However, I will still do things that I had been doing in 2016: 
  1. I will still pursue being minimalist. I am so tired of complication. I want simple.
  2. I will still feed the stray cats and dogs.
  3. I will still give to the needy and not the greedy.
  4. I will not take what is not meant for me.
  5. I will try to eat healthy and cut down on junk food.
  6. I will make it work with family.
  7. I am going to write more. That way I will cut down on swiping the smart phone.
It's almost passed midnight 31 December 2016. Only hours away to 2017. To be honest, I am quite scared but I don't want to be in 2016 any longer. I can't wait to say happy new year to my 7 cats.

THE SPACE BETWEEN US (spoilers alert)

I watched this online yesterday. I am a fan of Gary Oldman. Therefore, he can "carry" any movie. Plot was pretty simple: A boy ...