Monday, December 6, 2010


I woke up and hit the treadmill until I reached my 3km quota. My BB was overwhelmed with Birthday wishes from FB, Twitter and text messages since midnight. I felt loved and like a super celebrity for the day. I have no plan for today thinking having no plan is a plan. There was a brief blackout but it didn't faze me not even a little bit. I had 2 cups of coffee and they woke me up pretty good. I did have a boy short haircut yesterday and I wasn't even worried, but the hairstylist was very worried and almost refused to cut my hair, "It won't look nice!" and I told her, "I don't care!" Yup, nice was not the reason why I sought for the haircut anyway. I walked out of the cheap haircut place and felt brand spanking new plus totally rejuvenated! How amazing a simple haircut can do to me. So today is a stay home day doing absolutely fark all. I loved it!

Naturally, I couldn't stay still and do fark all for long. I had to go through old albums and boy there were some fancy pictures I have! I thought I was going to get soppy and cry but I was literally smiling and laugh at some of the bad hair, bad make-up with bad duran-duran era outfits pics. I put the albums back and procrastinatingly thinking that I will have all that scanned one day. I cooked some simple meals and happy to watch some original Hawaii five O reruns on TV.

Oh snap, just what I needed: Oprah with Terry Hatcher, Cybill Sheppard and Linda Evans spoke about 'aging'. Then I was glad I watched that show and for sure I want to look as great as Terry Hatcher when I'm 45 ha ha! And of course big salute to Miss Hatcher on her bravery for posing without any make-up on!

Seriously, I feel nothing but the utmost grateful to God and love ones for taking me this far.

To my Muslim friends I wish HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have my new resolutions aligned and I hope you guys have yours too.

Thank you my family and friends for the birthday wishes and made me feel like a celebrity for today. Love you all and as the gossip guru Richard Reid said, "You guys are SUPERSTARS!"


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