Thursday, July 31, 2008


I picked my colleague up from the office at 7:30am. Yes, I was pretty determined to go to this place called Cameron Highlands. It's work related trip....I had to visit... the hospital to be exact..don't ask me why suffice to say that I wasn't ill....and so happened there was an official opening of the hospital which was graced by HRH Sultan of Pahang. The hospital was named after his wife.
The trip took us around 2 hrs and 30minutes. It seemed short coz we were yapping away in the car and I didn't really notice that the gas tank was running empty...yaiks! But we were lucky enough to barely made it to the little town to fill up.
Our other colleagues who work there greeted us and brought us to our site office. We did our bit and then off to the hospital....

The Sultan of Pahang shook hands with guests:

HRH Sultan of Pahang officiated the opening:
The Cameron Highlands Hospital: Hospital Hajjah Kalsom:
The hospital miniature:

The Town - Tanah rata
After all that 'hardwork' we did, we deserved a good meal. So, we stopped by a local favorite called "Roseland". The look was a bit dodgy but we gave it a go since it came highly recommended. Well, we didn't go for 'local' but had some deeelicious lamb chop and chicken chop instead:
I had this delicious strawberry pancake with cream for dessert. My colleague had strawberry ice-cream..whoaaa...we really went for the 'strawberries' this time!
Strawberry Pancake with cream

Strawberry Ice Cream
We then stopped over at the roadside to check out what's happening. As we walked in, there were flowers, plants, cactus or rather 'cacti', plants, trees..nature goodies in the array of shops..ohhh beautiful things...I felt like I was in paradise of healthiness he he...Then we adjourned to kea area to check out more strawberries and good stuffs. There were rose garden as well but I was planning on going there another time. Perhaps with family or with love ones..My colleague got a little carried away with the shopping...all the fresh vegies...yummy...

After that shopping we quickly stuffed our 'treats' in the trunk and shot off back to Kuala Lumpur. On the way, we were yapping away and on the highway we were stopped by the traffic police. My colleague asked,"Bang! Berapa laju Bang?" (Bro, how fast were we doing?). He answered, "121". I was doing ONLY 121km/hr????. 121!!!! I wish I was doing 180! That would be worth the ticket! Well, I was laughing away and the police looked at us funny. He told us that we were 'caught' speeding in "Tapah" and told me that he will write me a ticket. I smiled and nodded,"Ok, faham, faham" (understood). He was probably waiting for me to say something else but I continued yapping with my colleague. After writing the summon he gave the summon to me and said, "Here you go maam, you can pay the fine at any traffic police station". I thanked the policeman and drove off. We were just laughing away again in the car...

I came home feeling a little tired but the day was all worth it. The trip was definitely needed for me..for work and for a lil of de-stressing.

Monday, July 28, 2008


As I drove back from work today, I was mentally complaining how hard it was to get things done..this that this that how the gas price had increased the price this and that..where to move to, what to eat..I got to get this and that done by certain time and date...phew...I was tired just by thinking about what I was thinking ha ha ha..ok, back to while I was driving back from work...I stopped by to get something to eat and a pack of cigarette, then to the gas station to get gas of course...a young lad approached me and asked me nicely whether I could be kind enough to donate some money to this religious institution..being tired and couldn't wait to get home..I thought I would have brushed him off..but I saw a pamphlet on his hand with the name of the school he was referring to..that caught my eyes and I asked him question after another..I started to realize that I have a great life. All the 'complaints' I had before about my daily 'chores' etc, meant nothing compared to this guy's life. I finished with the gas and I reached for my purse...I gave him very little...but I couldn't contain myself..a little bit of 'rain' came out of my eyes...he was thankful...I thanked him even more..this guy made me humble...this guy made me realized that I have plenty to eat, roof above my head and tonnes of 'expensive' clothes' to wear I went into my car...the 'rain' became heavier.. One day, I may be able to do something for this school and for those unfortunate kids..I hope those who have plenty in their lives will take sometime to give to others.
I went home, writing this, hopefully whoever read this will do something good for the less fortunates. There are still people out there who starve, being discriminated and suffer because of our own arrogance. I hope...the riches have rich hearts too...see beyond colors and religions...damn..this world be one funkee happee place to be ;-)

Nite y'all...

Monday, July 21, 2008


As a great detective that I am, I must do the follow-up closely. From my last blog on the above subject ~~~~> STRAWBERRY PLANT, I must investigate what happened to the strawberries.

This is my report;

I did not steal the strawberry, I repeat, I did not steal the strawberry!

Now, do want to hire me as a detective? *wink* *wink*

Sunday, July 20, 2008


It's my Dad's 62nd birthday today. So I brought him, mom, sis and lil bro to Stockholm and brought them on a boat ride.....
NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he...well close, IKEA to be exact, not for shopping but for his favorite meatballs LOL. He is 62! He is well! Thank GOD for that!
His love for food has definitely grown on us the family. Now we know why we all love to eat..including mom. My sister had to work, but she managed to 'sneak-out' for a little while to spend time with her beloved mom, dad, sis and brother. A joy to all of us.
Then after that lovely meal, mom insisted on calling one of our cousin's: Amy. When we called, she told us that she's in a Hospital nearby just received foot surgery. Ouch, we grabbed some lil presents and off we went to the Damansara Specialist. The surgery was last Thursday, so she was recuperating when we visited her.
As usual, mom went on and on talking...until we had to drag her out LOL. After that we all went back to my place and talked some more and after the evening prayer, mom, dad and lil bro shoot off south. Ahhhhh....what a treat....sis was reluctantly went back to continue with work and I was high on their visit ;


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