Friday, September 25, 2009



I want to apologize to my JB friends for not being able to see you all during this year's Hari Raya. I have my reasons and those who take a few minutes to read this blog, I thank you.

I went back to JB from KL early Saturday Morning (19.09.2009). On the highway from KL-Nilai, there was this massive traffic jam. When we reached somewhere in Nilai area, we saw a truck on the other side of the highway. Without fail, every festive season, road accidents escalated. I cautioned my sister to drive safely. We made it to JB safe.

I was thinking, this Hari Raya I will try to see as many friends as I could. The luxury I do not have lately.

The first day of Hari Raya, as usual, my family will go to Grandparents' place in Segamat. A humble place in one of the "FELDAs" there. No definite plan was made on how long we were supposed to stay in Segamat. I told my parents since I had limited leave, I must make way to visit MY own friends whom I have not seen in a while and we should be headed back to JB by Tuesday. My sister got a little annoyed as well as my mother. I sensed the tension there so I said,"O well, let's play it by ear".

My mum and dad made plans to visit some of our relatives in Pahang. In my head I was like,"What the...?" However, I know my parents.. family is key. Slowly I felt, I should give it a go. So we went to Pahang, the 3rd largest state in Malaysia. We went to Felda Sungai Nerek to my Grandma's younger sister place. The couple who are in their 70s looked happy to see us even though they were a little frail. They live very humbly with very little to offer us for Hari Raya celebration. We asked about their children and told us they hardly come by lately. They forgivingly told us that their children were too busy with their own family. I was moved with how 'difficult' their lives must have been.

Then we went to visit one of their children's house which was about an hour apart. They live in an old beat up pre war "Keretapi Tanah Melayu" quarters. They have no TV, no furniture, just mattresses to sleep in, one gas stove, a rice cooker, a few cups, saucers, a motorbike courtesy of some good samaritans..I can go on with what they don't have because it was so darn easy to see from the bareness of their house. As I was trying to put on a straight face when they were such a great host, I simply could not contain myself and excused myself to the 'toilet' outside the house to effing cry. I felt like I was on that TV3 episode of "Bersama Mu".

If I would have known that I would be coming to this place, I would have brought more money with me, brought some unused clothes or buy some groceries for them...anything, anything that would have made their lives a little more easier to bare. In 2009, there are still people who live in hardship. Nevertheless, this hit me in the head that I must stop complaining about my blessed life. I must appreciate everything that I have in this world, cherish every moment I have with the people I love, grateful with the food and clothes I have everyday, grateful with my excellent health and a roof above my head. Every day shall be a miracle...

I thank mum for insisting on us going to see our not so fortunate relatives. Sorry my homies, we shall reconvene another time.


Give it to the needy, not the greedy.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


This year Ramadhan came too soon. Before you knew it Voila! "Hari Raya" is already here. I am taking this opportunity to seek forgiveness from all my family and friends. I apologize for not sending anyone any greeting cards. I don't even know why...

To those who will use the highways to go back to your hometown, please please please drive carefully. Too many death tolls this year. I just saw one this morning on the way to work. Too gory to mention.

Enjoy this joyous occasion but don't forget the needy. Hari Raya is about compassion and humbleness.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

999 HELP!

This story has nothing to do with the police. Well if the situation may become police case:

I pay my utility bills regularly. Except for last month, there was a little confusion due to my moving to a new place. Yep, it was the 'red' letter. I didn't receive it, which in that letter said if I don't respond in 7 days they will stop the power supply. Well, since I didn't get the red letter, in my pea brain did nothing of sort to alert paying the bill whatsoever plus a little misunderstanding that I thought my landlord had settled the bill. Plus, the outstanding amount was like RM128.00.

So yesterday, when I came back from work at around 6:30pm, I saw a piece of red paper (refer to pic below) was snuck under my door . I took it, read it and tried to switch on the lights. NOOOOO!!! NO electricity! NOT GOOD! It was already too late to call the TNB office. As I read through the letter again and again trying to find out who to call and which numbers to contact..I saw the mobile number written in pencil so I thought since it was passed the office hour, I should contact the mobile number instead.

The other end said that he could not do much since the office was closed. I was desperate. I asked the guy to help me out and he said with a very small fee, he could help me. Yes, desperately I agreed. Oh..He mentioned that he was just around the corner. In less than 5 minutes, 2 boys dressed in "TNB" T-Shirt came by and "rectified" the problem. I had power again! Then one of them asked for the fee. It was RM50. I didn't mind at first. Then I saw a stack of other "notices" on his hand, a stack let me tell you! One household RM50 if 100? You do the math. These kids had all that planned out. All of a sudden, I felt the chill that I had been had. I should have waited for the next day. I have a lot of candles and places to go to if I have no power for one pitiful night.

I went to TNB early this morning and reported the whole thing after I paid that sad RM128.00. The person I launched the report just said, "We will look into this and ensure that the person who did this be punished". I asked around and apparently I was not the only victim. It is a sad sad way to make a few bucks.

I caution everyone out there to meticulously keep track of your electricity bills and do not even miss ONE month payment.

Take care.


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