Tuesday, October 31, 2017


This particular episode is special to me. It involved time loop. One of my favorite Sci-fi subjects is Time Travel. I am sure a lot of us love to turn back time or go to the future. We are so obsessed with immortality. Everyone wants to live forever ha ha. Ok, back to the ST Disco. I watched the teaser ad. I was too excited to watch this episode. When I finally got around to watch it yesterday, I watched it twice as if I who was caught in the time loop, booyah, here goes that imagination again. Here what fascinated me; I was not intrigued by the time loop, I was more moved by the intensity of the "like" feelings between Michael Burnham and Ash Tyler. It was not "out there" but the insinuation and facial expression or lack of it created this "trying to figure things out" chemicals in my brain. Well done Sonequa martin-green! You have just entered my list of "in-awe" actors now. As for Shazad Latif, you have just entered my heart throbbing actors list woot! Congratulations both.
Oh, this is not a review by the way. This just a ranting of how excited I was watching this episode LOL. Especially watching these two birds establishing their "likeness" for each other. Super spaceship romantic!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 In a very Vulcanic sense of humor.

Burnham: What I'm feeling is complicated... and strange.
Tyler: It's okay. I'm not going anywhere.
Burnham: What is it?
Tyler: I'm just sad we missed our first kiss.
Wooo hooo! I can't wait for the next episode. I feel like reading Mills & Boons again. 😜
Ok y'all gtg.


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