Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Nothing last forever, even "Forever". I think very few nerds are left in this world. I got really disappointed when a lot of good sci-fi series were cancelled/ discontinued lately: Forever, Continuum, The messengers, etc. I f#$%&&% love science fiction. It calms me down. It excites me. It makes me happy. It is a great escape after a long bullshit day. It makes me feel smart. It stirred buried emotions. It makes me humble. It makes me cry. It makes me laugh. O well..it makes realize how big the universe is. You name it, I will or have watched it. Star trek, star wars, star gate, star crossed (yeah a bit of a disappointment there), battlestar Galactica, buck Rogers, Babylon 5...O man..there are just too many to list. OK I deserved the word nerd although I think I am cool like that ha ha. Despite my disappointment on cancelations I am also stoked about some new series. defiant, dominion, under the dome, extant, killjoys, dark matter, Mr robot, wayward pines...phew...that's quite a few to quench my sci-fi thirst! Yes judge all you want, I am the one who is happy. I am on therapy. It is called sci-fi and fantasy therapy. Y' all should try it sometimes.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Last Thursday,18 June 2015, a day after my Poohteh passed away, we Muslims started our 1st Ramadhan. This year I feel sad grieving for the loss of my kitty girl, my princess. So, fasting will be a bit different than the previous years. I stopped "feasting" buying food from Bazaar Ramadhan years back. From what I heard and read on Facebook or other medias they had jacked the price up even further this year. Well, Ramadhan is to think about the less fortunate, sympathise and help out more. Well at least that's how I perceive Ramadhan to be. Feasting on Ramadhan feels like it defeats the entire purpose of humility. Those money should be channelled to help out the poor, the homeless, battered/abused women and children, stray animals, etc. This is the time we should "add" more amal ibadat to the daily routine. The feasting should be done after Ramadhan, after we had done our good deed and want to feel good about it. That's Hari Raya's duty. For now, I am sticking to humility. Humble in every thing I do especially what I eat during iftar and Sahur. Do good things more this month. Stop sitting on my becoming big derriere all day and do SOMETHING. I need to stop posting food pictures on my instagram and facebook so much, its becoming a disease ha ha. Ok, more charity this month. I will also focus on rehabilitate my two torn muscled arms. There were exercises that my physiotherapist  taught me that I can do at home. Last but not least, my remaining 7 amazing cats, they need the proper care that they deserve. Happy fasting my Muslim friends. Take it easy. Here the prayers time I downloaded this morning:  

Friday, June 19, 2015


Poohteh was born on Saturday, 20th November 2010. If she is a human being, her zodiac would have been a cancer. Ironically she died of one; blood cancer - Leukaemia or rare blood disease..I don't know vets never gave the straight answers.
She was born in our old office at 130 Jalan Ara, Bangsar.
She was one of 3 Lily's Kids: Jo, Poohteh & Kenit
Kenit & Lily ran away some years back. Poohteh just passed and I am now left with Jo.
Clockwise: Poohteh, Kenit & Jo (a few days old)
Poohteh was the prettiest. She has ultra soft furs when you rub her, she was all smooth and nice. She meows in the most prettiest voice too. Her voice sounds almost like she is singing.

When she was about 1 year of age, she roamed outside the house and was bitten by a stray dog. She had stitches but she pulled through
Then a few months after I sent the whole lot for neutering and spaying. (19.05.2011)

A few years back, I brought Poohteh to a vet due to minor flu. A few expensive blood tests after the vet could not find what it was but clearly her blood has something wrong in it.
Poohteh on my old sofa. The sofa they all (my 8 cats) killed, that I had to throw away when I moved house. 
I asked some vets on how to take care of her. This and that, no one really tell me what to do. Either they are super expensive or for the wrong illness. I became quite agitated when it comes to Malaysian vets. Sorry for those "innocent" vets who read this. Almost like they became vets due to "kerana terpaksa" sikit compassion pon tak nampak...
I think there are vets in Malaysia who are inconsiderate charging pet owners arms and legs. I asked for discounts if I bring in strays. They didn't give me the time of the day. How are we going to promote compassion and care towards animals?
I wanted some advice about cats I asked this and that to doctors...no one gave straight answers let alone sound advice
Poohteh favourite sleeping style
 So, day in day out Poohteh, while showing some symptoms of illness, her appetite never slowed. She loves her food. Boiled chicken is her favourite. She could smelled any chicken from miles away. If I ever tapaw food that has chicken in it, habis aku kene kejar dengan Poohteh.
Pooteh at the far end when she was a few months old.
She spent most of the day sleeping. She ate a fair bit, drank water and then to bed. Despite her appetite, her weight was dropping.
Last week, Poohteh's condition was deteriorating. She ate and then vomit. I brought her to the vet nearby I was slapped with hefty bills. Once again, I asked for care advise, they all said come lah bagi boarding kat kami for RM100 a day...joking ke tak, nak mampos aku bukan billionaire wey...So I took the meds, and walked away swore never come back there. My swear came true sadly..

When feeling shunned by local unaffordable vet, I looked online and started to ask some vets in Australia. The next day...no reply.

Then it went so fast from ate, threw up, diarrhoea, then one day she was just skin and bones. Everyday I hugged and kissed her.
Finally on 17th June, 2015 she passed away. I was devastated but I had said my goodbyes while still blaming myself that I could have done a better job saving Poohteh.
Poohteh.. RIP sayang...
Today I received a phone call from Australia. A lady with heavy Ozzie accent was on the other line. At first I thought a friend from there who selalu kacau I. But then I just realised she was a different lady and that was a vet...I cried when she called me. The fact that she felt so bad that she couldn't save Poohteh saddened me even more. She told me there are other remedies or course of actions when your cats are facing certain diseases.
Now I know this may be a too good to be true stuff surfacing when you are desperate for cure. But I don't care. She showed compassion more than some vets I been to in this country. The advice she gave me worth more than what the vets are asking for a stupid consultancy here.

She will email to me how to care for sick cats etc. I thanked her and she asked me to take it easy.

I am grieving. That's why I wrote this blog.

RIP My princess
Allah loves you more.
Whoever read this...send her alfatehah.
She was a great cat almost 5 years of age.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


I thought I am done with long days at work. It looks like work never ends. I wish I have all the luxury in the world not to work. Nah..mimpi only lah. And who is going to pay the bee ai el el es for me? Not my cats for sure. My assistant (wah sounds good isn't it? Ada assistant gitew) probably had it even worse. Dah lah menaip sehari suntuk. Ramai pulak kacau her to do this and that. So I decided to teman her for the evening while I tied up some loose ends with my own work. Gedebak gedebuk it was 11pm already.. Still a lot to do but we decided to say f#$% it lets go home. I reached around aghh dunno what time. No stray cats greeted me. Merajuk agaknya. Kalau I pon akan merajuk if my feeder failed to feed me. Duh.
! I walked into the house. Lucky I ada flip flop and guess what. Some gangsters sudah pecahkan bulb lampu. I looked at everyone's face...semua buat muka innocent. Kaca were every where. At that moment I didn't know what to feel, nak marah ke nak apa. Zero feeling. Nada. Zilt.
Takpe bulb lampu can buy kann? So I adjourned to the kitchen to throw away the serpihan-serpihan lampu. Took the broom and swept away all the teenie weenie glasses on the floor. Yang kat carpet tu? Adoi dahla tangan ni sengal,,rasa nak ambik 10 orang gaji ha ha.  Esok la vacuum. Its almost 2am right now, the perpetrators semua belum tido. I am separuh dead already. So pasang ubat nyamuk and tried to get some zees ended up back to my lappy and write this blog.
I tried to check under their paws. Mana lah tau ada kaca melekat ke. Nothing. All clear. Ok tomorrow housekeeping will be more intense than usual. Last weeks laundry is still there. Yes I nak 10 orang gaji. Mimpi lagi...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Up until a few weeks ago, I heard of Nasi Ganja but never tried or want to try. I know its Nasi Kandar but I don't know why they call it Ganja. Honestly I cant be too a****d to find out (orang Penang sure marah kat I, tapi I ni kan honest giler). Sure they called it Ganja because its addictive. I was like yeah right..A few weeks ago I went to this place RAIHAN NASI KANDAR. Nothing to shout about place, tengah panas buta, looked very uncomfortable but it has a high ceiling which promotes better ventilation as compared to a lot of other joints (eh kenapa aku pakai word ni ek?).
The Nasik was so so.. but the ayam..phoar, crispy panas and sedaps. Please la..this is not fine dining kayy..nak fine dining gi beli food magazine..KFC pon cannot lawan. Serious!
Today, my boss wanted to treat us for lunch. Apa lagi, makan free..bedal je lar. The queue was unbelievably long. We reached there around 12:40pm.
I pergi reserved a place since there were a few of us.
This time I nak try something else. I saw the sotong goreng. So I asked my boss to get me some sotong goreng.
While they (boss and his assistant boss) were talking about this and that, I was so absorbed eating. Terus senyap and hilang all potpet. Lupa all the heartaches in the world. Lupa about cruelties towards women, children and animals.
Toot toot toot...oh wow the ganja really is working larr.
Ok that's all about today's lunch. Kerja banyak ayo yo


Yesterday after my physio I decided to go straight home. I bought some sandwiches at Subway then off I went. It was pretty early for my standard so went to the Gas station to have my orange baby filled up. The I realised I didn't have enough soft food for outside cats. So I stopped by 99 Speed Mart on Nova U5. On the way there I saw a food vendor van says "Putubambu" something something I can't figure the entire signage. Hey I was driving laa what do you expect kan?
After my 99 Speedmart shopping session which filled with catfood. I walked across the street to the van. A very jovial customer (not the vendor, he was all stressed up meeting demand) said to the vendor,"Abang! Ni ada kakak nak order ni bang! Cukup tak?" I realised that I may not have the chance to buy the putu bamboo. He asked me," Akak nak berapa bungkus?" I just raised my jari telunjuk indicating 'one pack'. He said,"May be cukup". So I waited. A few cars stopped by after the vendor gave them a gesture they ran out. I was like 'phew', just my lucky day. 6pm and they ran out. The vendor said to the jovial customer,"Aritu takde orang nak datang, so banyak tepung terbazir. Hari ni dah tak cukup pulak". The jovial customer said,"Orang ramai tak tau Bang! Ni dah start ramai yang tau la..."
The price:
RM3 for 5 pieces ( A friend said its standard price )
After grabbing my package which obviously I am the LAST customer, I went back to my car and drove home.
As soon as I arrived a few cats ran towards me so I had to stop the car quite far from the gate. I picked the littlest one and brought her into the car so I wont run over her. The rest dah besar, so they can take care of themselves. I parked, fed them and guess who I saw?
Miss almost looked like Lily turned up meowing away and I thought she was dead! You can refer to my blog "Fallen Angels"
Bertuah punya budak!! Terkejot che Kiah kejap. Gosh...But I felt way too relieved and I gave them extra food. Yah makan makan semua!
Happy happy joy! Alhamdulillah

The putu bamboo was made in a haste I can understand that but the rasa was alright. A bit too sweet but I am glad that they are sold there. I don't have to drive all the way to Kampung Baru to get one. But, the Kampung Baru one still the best.

I gobbled the entire thing and feeling too filled. ha ha now how to makan my meatballs subway? How?

I waited until 10pm baru makan the subway: Poohteh and Jo got some meatballs.

Ok until next blog!

Monday, June 8, 2015


Today I failed to save another stray cat from a group of hungry and angry stray dogs. I could hear her voice screetching defending her small self. she didn't stand a chance. I wasn't fast enough to get out of the house to chase the thugs away. I could almost hear her life dragged out of her small body. I cried driving to work today. I feed strays; cats and dogs. These stray dogs group must be from the hungry group from far far away.. The ones I fed wouldn't hurt a soul. I curse the situation. I feel helpless. I went outside and checked the vicinity. She was dragged somewhere not to be seen. Nope I am not going to report to the so called "authorities" who are going to catch strays and put them to sleep instead. I had seen that happened way too many times I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. For now I can only pray for them both cats and dogs. They don't stand a chance in this ugly world. I am sorry for not able to save you little ones. May you RIP.

Dear human beings who happen to read this blog. Have mercy. Spay and Neuter your pets!!

Mommy and daughter no where to be seen. I suspect they are gone as well. *Sigh*

Sunday, June 7, 2015


It has been a while since I work on a Saturday. Meaning, I had always planned the work to be done within working days. Unfortunately a few days back we decided to participate in a tender. All other documents were ready yesterday but the bill of quantities were still under construction. In times like these I couldn't help but wonder whether some decisions are worth it or a waste of time. I spent hours scrolling the excel file...up and down... Formulas, links, adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc. Friday night I started the BQ, I slept at 3am. I was woken up by stray dogs barking at stray cats. I can't remember what time that was. All I know is, its too early...then I did some housekeeping chores. 8 indoor cats need the house to be kept clean. I finished around midday and continued with my work. I finished around 530pm and emailed the work to the relevant people. No one replied. The pain in my left arm started again. After feeding the strays and my own cats, I finally got the chance to shower and fix soything to eat. Still no one replied the emails I sent earlier. I couldn't be to arsed to follow up. I did my part. There were still a lot to do. Not the tenders but my own chores. I couldn't be arsed to do that either. So I caught up with some SciFis. I went to bed a bit earlier than Friday night. I woke up this morning and realized I can't do working weekend very well these days. Age is catching up.

Friday, June 5, 2015


A few months back I did my blood test. I have low sugar level. This month I think that level is elevated somehow. Last weekend my sister drove me to a nearby mall. It has Mark and Spencer in there. While she ogled over the perfumes I went ballistic at the food section. O well toffee Viennese was so tempting. I thought I give it a go and not a slightest bit regretting it.

Monday, June 1, 2015


I had a great time being out today. I wanted to go on my own but my arms started to hurt. So my sister and her friend took me out. A few hours later we headed home. Its good to be home to so many cats ha ha.


Wishing everyone a very happy 2018. This post is short and sweet.   I have no resolution this year. After 49 years of age, I discover...