Thursday, January 14, 2010


Show: Wednesday: 13 Jan 2010, MidValley GSC, 8:45pm

A colleague of mine walked into my office and asked whether I would be interested in watching this movie. As a sci-fi fan, I wouldn't want to miss this movie while its still playing in the theater (perhaps I will get the DVD later). So I quickly said,"Yes! Yes!" We started to ask around who wanted to join us. The number of people came up to 6. My colleague pre-booked Gold Class @MidValley where it is closer to our office. One of my colleagues bailed at the very last minute so we 'kidnapped' our office care-taker: Ahmad T to come with us instead (ESD: Booo hoooo you missed out on a great fun).

As a sci-fi fan (again I must insist you have to be a sci-fi fan to truly appreciate this movie coz one of my colleagues could not appreciate the movie), I was impressed. The visual effect quality was superb and out of this world. This James Cameron man is a total genius. To even think about his capacity/ability to translate his imagination into the big screen and look real as hell ,was so surreal.

Some movie critiques said that this movie has some racial slurs in it. I say fark it. Just because of that "How does it feel to betray your own race?" remark does not make the movie 'racist' . Human being betray each other every day let alone betray its own race. Fark it, my man James Cameron made his billion, so unappreciative movie critiques can shut the fark up. And yes, another key thing for those who watched this movie: we simply can NOT take whatever we want. Those who havent seen this movie, of course, watch it, don't think too much about the 'social' issue in this movie its a fantasy for f*** sake!

To my colleagues, thank you for the movies and great company. Funny that Ahmad T did not anticipate how cold AC in the theatre was but too polite not to say anything and sat through the entire movie freezing to death ha ha (well, i was cold too but the movie was so enticing to me that I forgot to ask for some blanky). To my sister, too bad you couldn't join us. To my colleague who bailed, I will send you the Gold Class bill ha ha time lah girl!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Sounds like a movie title? Oh that was 2012..
What a year 2009 was... It went by so fast..As usual, I sat in one corner and pondered,what happened? Year after year went by..resolution after resolution..procrastination after procrastination and here we are, 2010 arrived.

This year, I am inspired by Dave Ramsey from his book which was introduced/lent to me by one of my colleagues: The Total Money Makeover. After finished reading this book, I realised the mistakes I had done when it comes to managing my money. Yeah like I ever 'managed' my money to begin with. Suffice to say, I spent my money on things I already owned and things I don't really need. This has got to stop since I have 6 figure mortgages and debts. So, last month, I started to sort my sh** out. Literally, when I looked at my stuffs, boy have I accumulated junks! I started to feel like those "hoarders" and OCDs featured on Oprah and on Bio Channel. As I switched the TV on, I kept on stumbling upon "Hoarders" stories over and over again. That scared the sh** out of me. Guess what? Finally I have a new year resolution! NO MORE BUYING:

1. clothes: (I have been good so far for the past 3 months...see if I can last another few months without buying any clothes...)
While sorting my cr** out, I discovered pairs of 'unworn' clothes with tags still attached, pairs of black pants with the same cutting and from far you can't even tell the difference, piles of red shirts..ughhh I can go on which I may end up scaring myself. Oh, I forgot to mention they are all 'branded' which I am too scared to do the math...

2. shoes:
The same story, when I was sorting things out, they were RM200 - RM400 shoes that hardly worn which not only collected dust but almost shredded into pieces due to dryness. My heart dropped...Even scarier when I realised with all these pretty pricey shoes for Malaysian standard, I ended up wearing the same 'slipper' (selipar jepun) over and over again..classic psychological problem hah hah.

3. handbags:
O dear...After sorting through sh** No.1 and sh** No. 2...I simply have NO more space to keep my handbags!!!! Houston, we have a problem!

Ok, I think these 3 new resolutions (or did I just confess to my sins?) will keep me busy and enough to put me into a mental hospital if I'm not careful.

Last week and this week I donated bags of item 1, 2 and 3 to the less fortunate. Gosh that felt great!

Nevertheless, HAPPY 2010 EVERYONE! I have this feeling that it is going to be a great year!


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