Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Recently acquaintances said something about how I look. It was not very flattering at all. I kept on telling myself, perhaps they meant well. Perhaps they were genuinely concerned. No matter what their intentions were, it still hurts to hear. It took me days to forgive them. It ruined my happy times with family and good friends. I let it get to me. What a shame.
No matter how strong a person you are, when someone deflated your ego, you still crumble inside.
I took a leave of absence just to heal from  this lash. I guess I get a little bit more sensitive as I age.
This somehow taught me to be more tactful with my words. I will also refrain from saying something about someone I hardly know. Even to their faces because I know how hurtful truth can be.
If we are really genuinely concerned about our friends, choose our words carefully. Find solutions together. Not blatantly criticize. If we do not have any solutions and proper encouragement, just keep quiet.
Maybe one day I will look back and laugh at this incident. For now, I am licking my wounds and watch Star Trek ha ha!.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Nope, its not this "THE FLASH" I'm talking about:
Its about this type of FLASH called the FLASHer.

Have you encountered anyone of them? This is not NEW but unfortunately, it is still happening world wide.
Early this morning, I took the train from Ara Damansara LRT station headed to KL Sentral and changed to Monorail up to Raja Chulan Station to make it to a meeting at Hotel Istana. As I was crossing the street, a busy one of course (junction between Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Sultan Ismail), I saw a man walking towards me and as our path crossed he showed his little Dinky to me. As I was caught off guard, I managed to quickly ignored and rushed towards other people around. He was saying something but really rushed towards hotel istana. I didn't look back and I made it inside the hotel unfollowed and unharmed 💀. Ok, its too late to contemplate on what I should have done when faced with these type of scenarios. Ladies, just go! Do NOT engage! Get yourself to safety!. This happened in broad day light and at a quite busy intersection. You did not think something like this will happen and it did. If there's a policeman, security officers, run or walk quickly towards them. Whenever you can, please avoid walking alone. Be careful. Be extra cautious.


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