Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Since 8 years ago, off and on, I will jog early morning in the area around my apartment complexes. There were never a time that I doubt the safety of that place, in any time of the guards were all over, well lit, there were many early risers who jogged in that area and recently there was a Community Centre built for the 'convenience' of the dwellers in my area.
As usual, this morning, I went out at around 6:30am and I saw a couple already beat me to it. I did a little bit of stretching and started jogging..half way through, I stopped and continued walking instead..a motorbike stopped. He quickly came off his bike and rushed up to me and stopped me and said, "Give me money!". As I was in shock I replied, "I don't have money!" He looked at my wrist and took my hand. I have a gold bracelet on my wrist. Thinking, *please don't hurt or rape me* coz as he was bigger size than me he could have easily done that without me having the energy to fight back. I lifted my wrist and told him, "Here, take it! Just don't hurt me.." He grabbed the gold bracelet and ripped it off my hand. He went back to his bike and took off. I was still in the state of shock and by the time I grasped my breath the guy already split. Yes, I didn't scream, I don't know why, I was so damn scared until I couldn't do anything. A few minutes after, another jogger who was an older man (he didn't see anything that happened), came towards my direction and I stopped him and asked for help. He was shocked that this happened in just a few seconds, he said I should have screamt. I told him I was in shock. He asked me to make a police report, since the police station was just around the corner. He accompanied me to the police station, there was only one officer at that time and it was around 7:00am. I gave him my statement and asked me to go to another police station to report. He told me he didn't have the authority to release 'criminal' report. But he made the phone call to the said police station. He asked me a few questions and damn I didn't see the guy's license number. He told me that there were a few similar cases lately.. I was tongue tight and I couldn't make any request or remark. I was in tears all of a sudden, but it wasn't noticeable when blended with sweat of running..I filled up a report.
The policeman asked me to go home first and to go back there to retrieve my 'report no'. I thanked the old man and went back to my apartment. I broke down. The bracelet was a sentimental value given by my mother. How I was stupid enough to never take that off. Now I paid the price. I texted my bosses because this morning we were supposed to have a 'workshop'. I asked to be excused.

I took a quick shower and then went back to the police station to retrieve the 'report no'. A different policeman now but he was well briefed of the my situation. He said sorry for what happened and made a few phonecalls to the other station where I was supposed to lodge a criminal report. He then gave me the name of the inspector and before I left he said, "Today is not your day maam but thank god you weren't hurt".

I left and made my way to the other station. It was about 15 minute drive away. I parked my car and went to the place specified by the previous officer. I found the place and looked over a group of policeman were having such a great chat over "I don't really care what the topics were". They all had ciggarettes on their hands or smoking away or doing something with the ciggy hanging on their mouths like the 'gangsters/taikor' in Chinese movies. I asked for the officer who was supposed to attend to my case. They looked at my report from the previous police station and asked me to wait for this inspector coz he went out.

I waited and waited and waited....from 9:00am to sign of the man.

Another 'inspector' asked me what was going on and I repeated my story. He made another phone call and asked me to wait and gave me some excuses. Another guy was a little bit more diplomatic and told me that usually these inspectors were caught in courtroom sessions and I had no choice but to wait for him.

I waited and waited...I was thinking why was I even bother...I just want to get this over and done with. I did the police report so that these police enforcement will keep the peace as they promised during the recent General Election. I want to contribute something to the society by reporting this incident so that people can be more cautious and the authority will not sit down on their asses. I thought we want to eliminate crime....

While waiting, there were people started coming to look for the same guy I was waiting for. I over heard their cases and I got the sudden chill listening to the cases. Holy..what have we become? What happened to the high morale and the 'religious' being that we are? What happened to the 'loving' society that we claimed we are? In my mind I kept on having flashes of the face of man who mugged me this morning. He was evil. I was scared to death.

Finally the man showed up and I was asked to his office and made my statement. I handed to him the piece of my previous report and I was not that talkative. He asked me a few questions and re-typed some of the informations that he gathered from the previous report. He 'promised' if there were any lead...he will call me. I told him, I was just happy to be alive. We both said thank you and I left.

I made my way to the mall nearby contemplating on buying a treadmill instead of jogging out there making my self available to the criminal b******* .

I was mugged twice this month.Another incident was in my blog~~~> UNFORTUNATE . Something was definitely not right...

I came home feeling numb.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


She's demure. Soft spoken. Precise. Dedicated. Diligent. Sweet. Pretty. Stern. Smart. Tactful. Damn, she's leaving us! Where can we find another her???? So, we organised a little something for her at the office today. She was still busy doing work on her last day. Well, of course she's leaving us to pursue better challenges. We can't stop her now can't we? 'Intan' (part of her name) means 'precious stone'. So, she is precious. She proved that to us here. She's well liked and she is going to be missed dearly.. We couldn't find a better farewell card for her, so we hope this sufficed;
Most of us became emotional...especially Miss Intan. We asked her to say a few words..she could really say a few. We wished her well. I was sad that she's leaving but I am happy for her better future..for she's a jolly good fella ;-) *KISS*

Monday, March 24, 2008


I was woken up by mum's phonecall at 8:15am. My younger brother was involved in a car accident. He was amazingly fortunate to get out of it alive with minor bruises and according to mum the x-rays showed no internal injuries. The car was total lost. Mum and Dad said there's nothing to worry about. I couldn't go back to sleep. I made my way to my sister's room and broke the news to her. She couldn't go back to sleep either.

So I made breakfast. There's not much things left to cook in the fridge. I hadn't done any grocery shopping lately. I grabbed whatever available and started to get 'creative'.


*Beef sausages

*Hash Browns


*Some cheap Butter



*Corn flour

*Salt and Pepper

*Brazillian Coffee


I wasn't expecting the breakfast to taste any good. It turned out alright and see what happened;

For a moment there, I forgot what troubled younger brother who got into car accident at the age of 19. He got to learn about responsibility of driving safely the hard way. I continued my sunday with getting whatever left undone from the previous weeks....

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I think not! Although I do have enough clothes and shoes, but the desire to have more never deplete. That can be a problem especially you no longer have the proper storage and places to go to wearing them. Every man in my family started to complaint about this absurd behaviour but very little they can do about it. I know I got this obsession from my mother. I looked at HER shoe racks, I was even more enthralled. She had like every color of the same design sandals or even more interesting, she has the similar design and color for 10pairs or more. Ok, I may be exagerating a little but thats pretty much the issue here. Our wardrobe and taste don't really change that much. We keep on buying more of the same things. My sister has almost 20 plain black tops with v neck and u neck or round neck variations. She has 20 pairs of same cut jeans with slight variation of 'blue'. If I didn't pay attention to which jeans she was wearing, I swear she looked like she had worn the same jean for 7 days.
I on the other hand have many shirts to the point I don't know what to wear to work every morning and I ended up wearing the same old shirt over and over again till I got the comment,"Don't you have anything else to wear?"

O dear this is a national problem.

Perhaps it's good for the 'fashion' industry because I buy all range; from the cheapest to the empty-pocket-expensive-branded f*** all shirts. The same with my working pants and skirts. At one stage people thought I had only ONE pair of black jacket and one pair of beige jacket to wear to work. Damn. I felt like a schmuck spending all my money on 'repetitive' stuffs. I should have been smarter than that (laugh out loud). I think god made us women suckers for all these three items of fashion. are some of the shots that you may understand my issues in this blog;

What you had seen here were just point something something percent of the dilemma...Ok, no more buying clothes, shoes and handbags (laughing out even louder).

Friday, March 21, 2008


19.03.2008-The Beach Club, Kuala LumpurI hadn't been to this place in a loooong time. This place used to be where all the dramas began in my life and my friends' lives. The cat-fight over losers, the bitching over which girls stole whose man, which girls slept with whose husbands, which he-shes fooled which foreignors, which celebrities screwed with whom, who were the alcoholics, who were always spin off drinks, who were there for freebees, which trade diplomats dealt with which girls, oh..dear...drama, drama, drama...But this place is one of the busiest joint in town- rain or shine. Regardless of how dodgy some people might think of this place, I still think it is one of the most fun place to be in and to watch great things happened. Just becareful with some people who tried to take advantage of you, but then again, ANY where there will be good and bad people. It all depends on why you are out there anyway. I don't have to put on a word of caution here.
So, after work today, with my office attire, I rushed to town with my little car and under the pouring rain to reach the bitch oops beach club around 7:30pm. When I arrived the not so newly wed couple were not there. I saw some other familiar faces who were already there like they were there years ago. I smiled thinking it looked like they had never left that seat since 4-5 years back! Ooops it's that 'gossipy' thing again...*slap on the wrist*..snap out of it and focus on what was happening....
Ok, finally the celebrated parties arrived and we all started to order drinks and they were like beers and chivas every where....The celebrations? A couple who met in this very place and happily married now was in town. In addition, it's the prophet's birthday the day after so what better way to celebrate a holiday...
They were some girls who were trying to solicit...with fake boobs and fake genders...oh only a few of us could tell what they were. All of a sudden I felt a liiitle out of place. Well, my main objective was to have a good time there. F the solicitors ha ha.
We ordered some pizzas for I was complaining I hadn't have anything to eat and shighhh I ended up finishing the whole freaking thing. The pizza was awesome though. The cheese was to die for.
Since we know a few staffs there, we were well 'protected'. Our corner were so called out of reach for those foreign solicitors. We were well looked after. Still, there were a few foreign solicitors were trying...At one stage, I felt a little sorry for a foreign solicitor who shamelessly took the ice-cubes from our buckets, put them into her glass and helped herself to our drinks, she looked at our faces (of course our faces at that moment were like..jaws all dropped) and just walked away...just like that..I turned to my friend and said, "Can ah like that?" Another friend smirked and said, "lucky she didn't take the whole bottle of Chivas!". Yes we just let her get away since she looked so helpless and thirsty and she had this 'poor me' face..
Well the theme was "Pirates of the Carribean" I supposed coz they were playing the movie on the big screen. Plus, the staffs were wearing pirate when the DJ came over to greet us, I took his hat and sword. I was having fun with them and so did my friends. We were trying to kill each other.
The band was not so bad. I could hear some chics singing or miming to the songs they sang. The band did some new numbers but they were not too bad singing the 70's and the 80's tune. All I could remember they were doing the Earth, wind and fire,Gwen Stefani new stuffs, Avril Lavigne, Green day and many more.
The whole night we were plain silly and we enjoyed the company that we sort of not have the luxury nowadays to have due to commitment and old age ha ha. Well, plus some of us are no longer the dwellers of this city. Till then friends..BFF (Best friends forever) as Paris Hilton calls it..A few bottles of Chivas later, the celebrated couldn't celebrate any longer. I had interesting conversations over loud music and surprisingly you could learn a lot of things he he.. I saw some air heads disappeared with some other air heads. The fake boobs became scarce and I knew it was time to go home.

Good night and sweet dreams (well I didn't think I had any dreams..I almost passed out)! I know very is too short..just enjoy the moment...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As usual I was craving for food. That was something that anyone who knows me would not be surprised at. Yeah, a confession. In my language; "Pengakuan berani mati"! So, after work, I made my way again to my favorite stop over on the way home. I was contemplating on whether to 'tapau' or dine in. When I reached the destination, I became more hungry and I couldn't wait to take away food. I rather took my chances on dining alone. Oh, don't feel sorry for me, I like dining alone. That way I can enjoy every bite of my food without being distracted. So I walked into "Secret Recipe" for the 3rd time here. Now, the staffs almost recognized my face. They smiled, I was just hungry and sat without being seated. I looked at the menu and glanced at the promo cards on the table. Nah! Not interested. I rather go for the things I reeeeally like! So, I ordered some Apple Kasturi Juice with some Asam Boi in it. Deeeliciously thirst quenching!
I couldn't get enough of this drinks and I almost went for 2nd. I managed to tell myself not to before I killed my appetite for real food.

I ordered some pasta; Macaroni and Cheese with Prawn. They were amazingly delicious. I was a little disappointed because they were not served with bread. I would have scooped up the cheese sauce.
I was eating and eating and eating and I couldn't bear the thought of the chessy sauce went to waste. So I walked up to the counter and ordered some bread. They didn't have any except for some buns. Aghhh...that'll do I guess..
Well, as I expected, the bun didn't taste as well with the cheese but it did the job tremendously. I was starting to become full and in the end I surrendered.
I was really hungry I guess...the plate was almost clean. I did a pretty good job eating this heavy pasta. Then, the halo on my head disappeared again. I was thinking of some sweet I grabbed myself some cakes;

Peach cake! To die for!
Another one;

He he he...I became evil enough to get 2 cakes only I realised I couldn't finish them all so I brought one home, the chocolate cake. It said there " Low fat and Sugar Free " but I don't believe it for a sec because I could taste the heavy chocolate taste. Another meal well eaten. I am sure I will come here again.


Wishing everyone a very happy 2018. This post is short and sweet.   I have no resolution this year. After 49 years of age, I discover...