Saturday, June 5, 2010

OLD MEMORIES IGNITED is not a romantic blog..I don't do "romantic", sorry. But when I heard that I was supposed to handle an event and I was given only ONE, numero UNO week my heart just dropped. Can I pull this off? In my head there were millions of things going on in one shot I could hardly breathe...The only good thing that went through my mind was, "Hey! I get to see my OLD school (1983-1985 and thats really old)!". All of a sudden I was motivated! I was also motivated with the great food that I had not tasted in a darn long time.

On the 27th May,2010 my colleague and I made it down to this little town used to be known as Bandar Maharani (Queen's City). Now it is called MUAR! It took us approximately 2hours+ driving there from Kuala Lumpur. As we approached Tanjung Agas where my OLD schoold is, a sense of 'proudness' started to creep in. I went slowly and glanced..WOW Sekolah Menengah Sains muar is looking good! A lot of GOOD people came out of this school like ME! Bwah! Hah! Hah! ( ex schoolmates please cheer).

My colleague suggested we grab a bite to eat before our appointment. I was not THAT hungry but as soon as I saw the "Mee Bandung" and the succulent looking Satay..I literally pigged out. I also took the opportunity to buy sh**loads of 434 coffee. One of the best coffees I have tasted in this entire planet ;-)

We quickly did what we had to do (click on this blog)--> Mee Bandung Sireh Junjung
then headed back to KL.

1st June we went back to Muar to do last minute preparations before the event. As we tried to check in into a hotel and as I predicted I would have a little falling out with the hoteliers..not worth to mention the reasons in we moved hotel LOL.

The next day it was crazy setting up and rehearsal. It was a "fire-fighting" day. Some printing mishaps, glasses shattered, insufficient decors, last minute changes..yada yada yada...However, thanks to my colleagues, we pulled through. On the 3rd June, the event went well and I was proud to be a part of (in a smallest way) the new court house in this small town. The guest of honor also mentioned this event in his blog ---> Majlis Penyerahan Kompleks Mahkamah Muar
Briefly talked to him and as long as he was happy and as the rest of the job was done...

I wish I had the time to visit my school though. As I was driving back, I glanced again at the school. I smiled as I was thinking about all the great times I had in that school. To ex-SMS Muarians, I miss you guys and we should call for a reunion soon.


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