Friday, February 18, 2011


For a while now I have been quiet and loving the serenity. However, lately a few people that I know from distant past had been trying to get in touch with me, allegedly to find out what I am up to these days. Some I reciprocate and some I just turned down gently, I hope. One of them (lets name this person "Q") asked me, "Do you remember one day we had the conversation about things that you did not want to know but you would find out anyway and about vicious cycle?" and I answered, "vaguely, well accept for things that I do not want to know and people tried to hide from me and one fine day kbloom its in my face...ya...why?". Q quickly said' "Yaaa... I just want to say I am sorry I doubted you..they all came true and happened to me. Go on, say I told you so..I deserve it!" I gulped the slowly asked Q,"Have you stopped the cycle and made amends?" Q answered, " I am starting with you". I froze. I felt like Nostradamus for a sec there. All the memories of that conversation sort of did multiple playback on me. I told Q that Q has done nothing wrong to me and need not apologize but I apologized to Q just in case...I asked Q to evaluate the situation and make amends to the people involved and to call me back when its done. Q did call back a couple of months later and said the vicious cycle stopped. I was relieved.

After a long stare into an empty space I decided:

1. NOT to ignore good advice no matter how bad the adviser was at the time.
2. NOT to completely dismissed someone's theory (good and bad) but to take some time to sit back and think about it, only then decide whether to dismiss or not.
3. Forgive people even when they don't forgive me..on that note; guys anyone of you who read this and know me in the past/present and if I have hurt you in ANY way...please...I apologize!
4. Stop doing things that I don't want others to do to me
5. To be more grateful with what I have in life.
6. To REALLY give it to the needy...not the greedy.
7. To take BAD things that happened as lessons learned..for real
8. To do more good than bad

I think that should be cool for now. And to those who realized I stopped doing certain things which I had done in the know why ;-)



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