Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This year I fast with different experience. It felt more calm, more humble, less indulgence and more alert. I lost a lot more weights and felt a lot better than previous years. It also felt like time passed a little faster.  This year I celebrated Eid with different experience. I ate less than previous years as well. I went back to my kampung a day before Eid. Traffic going southbound was next to nothing. I drove slowly still. No need to rush somehow. I arrived in Segamat approximately 1pm. My sister was already there. Either she drove like a mad lady or she left KL a bit earlier. It was the latter. 
Raya eve I couldn't help out much due to my injured arms. But I did a bit here and there. We got our lemangs from a relative whom been doing lemang on Hari Raya for a few years and hers are the best ever.
My brother and his family will only be in Segamat 1st Raya evening. 
The house that my dad had been building was coming together and 99% ready for this Raya. 
1st Raya after prayers we sought forgiveness from each other and not forgetting the money packets. Went to my grandma's and saw quite a fair bit of relatives and neighbours. A joyous occasion indeed. 
I had to leave early. Just like the past couple of years I couldn't find a place to send my cats for boarding and nor a sitter for them. So I left a lot of food and plenty of water for them to last for 2 - 3 days.
The journey home was long due to heavy traffic. There was a long crawl at Tangkak before I turned into the highway.
I made it home safely. 
I wish all my friends, families and Muslims Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.
The front balcony. Very airy and amazing to hang out at. 
Lemang, a must to have during Hari Raya
Our 2nd Raya outing with family at Vivo in Segamat


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