Thursday, March 9, 2017


Work hard! or Study hard. I heard this phrase since I was in Primary School. That was a looooong time ago. Then came that word "Work Smart". And I thought, "Yeah! lets work smart." Little that I know that was as bullshit as it gets. Only 10% of the world population work smart (oh this is unsupported, I just plugged the figure from the sky to show how smart I am, right). Face it, I am in that General Population. I am in that 90%. I have to strive, struggle, put extra effort, cringe, sour duck face and many more agonizing process to get something, to make money, to support myself. Yes, I am NOT a superstar.
The point is, I can do Work Smart thingy but somehow it did not succeed as I thought it might. Or, plan and simple fact I am not that smart after all.  Please laugh at this. Don't feel bad for me because it is a fact and what I had gone through. I don't feel sorry for myself. In fact, I am glad I come to term with these findings. This make me want to strive more. To learn more so that I will be smart-er someday to the point that I just push a button and things happen, cherching!
So fellas, if you are in that 90%, work hard, don't be a smartass.


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