Saturday, June 13, 2015


I thought I am done with long days at work. It looks like work never ends. I wish I have all the luxury in the world not to work. Nah..mimpi only lah. And who is going to pay the bee ai el el es for me? Not my cats for sure. My assistant (wah sounds good isn't it? Ada assistant gitew) probably had it even worse. Dah lah menaip sehari suntuk. Ramai pulak kacau her to do this and that. So I decided to teman her for the evening while I tied up some loose ends with my own work. Gedebak gedebuk it was 11pm already.. Still a lot to do but we decided to say f#$% it lets go home. I reached around aghh dunno what time. No stray cats greeted me. Merajuk agaknya. Kalau I pon akan merajuk if my feeder failed to feed me. Duh.
! I walked into the house. Lucky I ada flip flop and guess what. Some gangsters sudah pecahkan bulb lampu. I looked at everyone's face...semua buat muka innocent. Kaca were every where. At that moment I didn't know what to feel, nak marah ke nak apa. Zero feeling. Nada. Zilt.
Takpe bulb lampu can buy kann? So I adjourned to the kitchen to throw away the serpihan-serpihan lampu. Took the broom and swept away all the teenie weenie glasses on the floor. Yang kat carpet tu? Adoi dahla tangan ni sengal,,rasa nak ambik 10 orang gaji ha ha.  Esok la vacuum. Its almost 2am right now, the perpetrators semua belum tido. I am separuh dead already. So pasang ubat nyamuk and tried to get some zees ended up back to my lappy and write this blog.
I tried to check under their paws. Mana lah tau ada kaca melekat ke. Nothing. All clear. Ok tomorrow housekeeping will be more intense than usual. Last weeks laundry is still there. Yes I nak 10 orang gaji. Mimpi lagi...

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